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Since the phase out of R12, R134a has grown to become the standard refrigerant choice for household appliances, small self-contained refrigeration units, very large chillers, and automotive air conditioning. It is also a component in many refrigerant blends on the market.​


1,1,1,2 - Tetrafluotoethane​


13.6kg disposable cylinders​

Physical and Chemical Specifications

Molecular Weight:                                      102.03
Boiling Point, °C:                                           -26.1
Density of Liquid, 25°C g/cm³:                     1.207
Vapor Pressure, 25°C MPa:                         0.665
Critical Temperature, °C :                             101.1
Critical Density, MPa:                                   4.067
Latent Heat of Vaporization at BP, kJ/kg:        215
Solubility in Water, 25°C,%:                            0.15
Specific Heat, Liquid, 30°C, kJ/kg:                1.51
ODP:                                                                    0
GWP:                                                             1430
Appearance:                                          Colorless
Odor:                                                      Odorless
Purity, % min:                                                 99.9
Moisture, % max:                                         0.001
Acidity(as HCL), % max:                            0.0001
Non-volatile Residue, % max:                          1.5

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