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The R-1234yf refrigerant gas is an HFO that replaces R-134a in the air conditioning systems of new automobile models. As with all HFO refrigerants, it causes no damage to the ozone layer. It has great thermal and chemical stability, low toxicity and it is only slightly flammable. It is also highly compatible with the majority of materials




10.0 kg disposable cylinders​

Physical and Chemical Specifications

Molecular Weight:                                             114

Boiling Point, °C:                                             -29.4

Critical Temperature, °C:                                  94.7

Critical Pressure, bar:                                     33.81

Critical Density, kg/m³:                                 475.55

Vapour pressure, 21,1ºC, bar:                         6.07
Vapour pressure, 54,4ºC, bar:                         14.2
Density, kg/m³:                                                1100
Solubility in water, 24ºC mg/l:                        198.2

Auto-ignition Temperature, °C:                         405

ODP                                                                      0

GWP                                                                     4

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